NACL 2020

With the North American TF2 community reaching the conclusion of the fall 2019 season, and renewed interest in NACL, I thought it would be best to share an update on where we currently stand.


To recap previous events: it was never our desire to run a full-fledged league for North America, but the events surrounding the end of ESEA TF2 were of great concern to us. Finding the various proposals for successor leagues personally unpalatable in different ways, we chose to launch NACL to provide a viable alternative, and resolved to allow the community to decide which league(s) to play. Although a significant amount of preferential interest was indicated for NACL, the bulk of the community actually committed to another league, and running an NACL season became untenable, so we made the decision to suspend NACL's operations.

New Interest

With the fall season coming to a close, it's clear that various questionable administrative decisions, among other things, have left a vocal portion of the community dissatisfied, and they have called for NACL to resume operations and the community to migrate there.


I previously stated that it would be possible for NACL to run a smaller-scale competition near the end of the year, as well as a full season at the beginning of next year. However, this was prior to the announcement of the #BTSTF2 event. With a large portion of our staff (including all of our directors) involved in the event, it is not possible for us to run anything until after its conclusion, and as a result NACL must remain suspended until at least the end of January 2020.

Future Plans

It remains our intention to provide a league if one is desired by the community. However, with a majority of the community having committed to play other leagues, it is unclear that there is enough demand for NACL, and it does not make sense for us to make all of the necessary preparations for a league season if there is not clear indication that one is likely to happen. In particular, we would need evidence that many players and teams are willing to commit to the league, and not simply expressing interest without the intention of following through.


If a league season were to happen, careful consideration must be taken as to when it would occur. Given that #BTSTF2 involves 4 top-level North American teams, it is imprudent for a season to begin before, during, or immediately after the event, and thus any season should not begin until the end of February.

With the desires of the community in mind, it would make sense to align our season dates with other events that we have the potential of partnering with. As such, the ideal timing for a season, as far as we can determine at this early point in time, would be for a potential season to begin in mid-to-late March and conclude in June.

However, the main problem with this potential schedule is the significant gap it leaves between league seasons. As such, if we were to consider running a season around this schedule, we may also pursue running shorter events in February, which could be used to test a wide variety of factors that could affect the full season.


I hope this provides a better look at our thought processes and plans for the future of NACL. If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly to share them. As always, thanks for your support.